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Daqing Petroleum Institute

Daqing Petroleum Institute is a key national institutions, is accompanied by the discovery of the Daqing Oilfield and the birth of one of the main Therefore, the, reason and control, culture, economic, law, education multidisciplinary coordinated development of the provincial colleges and universities. Schools to undergraduate education, graduate education has been well-established. Schools have 43 specialties, two postdoctoral research center, a post-doctoral research workstations, a doctorate authorized a disciplines, authorized a master's degree in six disciplines, 13 doctoral degree, master's degree in 57 points, a state-level key disciplines and Key Laboratory of the Ministry of Education.

The existing 13 schools College (Division), covers an area of 1.503 million square meters, teaching the space of 342,000 square meters. Indoor and outdoor sports venues area of 157,000 square meters. 10G-campus network and teaching, student life office and the main buildings all connected. Teaching and research equipment worth more than 200 million yuan. Monomer for a construction area of 45,000 square meters modern libraries stock books 2042000, there are 18 kinds of data resources. Improved oil and gas recovery key lab of a Ministry of Education, reservoir formation mechanism and resources evaluation of the provincial and ministerial level key laboratories 9, the provincial and ministerial level engineering technology research and development center five, a provincial Institute, the provincial Department Research-2. Have undergraduate teaching laboratory (room) 41; provincial "double-base" qualified laboratory conditions six; college physics laboratory, chemical laboratory experiments provincial centres of excellence in teaching two; school, internship base 121 .

Schools with a high-quality, reasonable structure of the contingent of teachers. Existing staff of 2053, the total number of 1138 teachers, of whom, 186 professors, associate professor of 291 people with doctorates, 138 teachers, 555 teachers with a master's degree and doctorate tutor 49; the Chinese Academy of Engineering 3 (Wang China, Su brain, Wang Pu, Wang Pu session for my school graduates in 1982); Ministry of Higher Education Steering Committee members, three; enjoyment of the State Council, the government's special allowance eight experts, the state "Baiqianmo Talent Project" First, a two-level candidates; "Long Chair Professors and scholars", the provincial two outstanding experts, the leader of Heilongjiang Province, reserve leaders 20; a national model teachers, the three outstanding teachers , a teacher teaching in Heilongjiang Province, Heilongjiang Province exemplary teachers 2, Heilongjiang Province outstanding teachers 8. The school also hired a number of petroleum and petrochemical enterprises of its technical backbone and academics as a part-time professors, instructors.

School discipline professional work of the main structure, covering physical, engineering, management science, literature, economics, law, education disciplines seven categories. From the school in 1961 and began to enroll students, in 1981 obtained a master's degree-granting, in 1993 was awarded a doctorate right. Existing 43 Majors, 14 provincial-level professional focus; a national level key disciplines, three national two key disciplines, 14 provincial-level key disciplines; two postdoctoral research center, a post-doctoral research workstations, a doctorate authorized a disciplines, authorized a master's degree in six disciplines, 13 doctoral degree, master's degree in 57 points, 11 of Master of Engineering recruitment field.

Daqing Petroleum Institute, in accordance with the "people-centered, scientific development, the quality of schools legislation, characteristics superior" school concept, seize the opportunity, focusing on reform, truth-seeking and pragmatic, pioneering and innovative, to create a brilliant tomorrow and work hard.

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