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    Hylanc Technology Sector has been devoting itself to providing highly successful business-specific technical solutions for Petroleum and Manufacture Corporations all over the world.
    Hylanc Training Centre belongs Hylanc Technology Co., Ltd, it is a highly successful training section specializing for Energy Corporations all over the world.

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    Epicor is a global leader dedicated to providing business software solutions to companies around the globe.More than 20,000 customers in over 140 countries trust Epicor's enterprise software solutions and services.
    Employing an innovative service-oriented architecture (SOA) and Web services technology, Epicor delivers end-to-end, industry-specific solutions for manufacturing, distribution, retail, hospitality and services that enable companies to increased efficiencies, improve performance and build competitive advantage. Epicor solutions provide the scalability and flexibility to meet today's business challenges, while empowering enterprises for even greater success tomorrow. Epicor offers a comprehensive range of services with its solutions, providing a single point of accountability to promote rapid return on investment and low total cost of ownership.
    Using SunSystems, you can quickly highlight problems within the operation or low-performing areas of the business, and therefore take positive action to turn things around. The unique combination of flexible analysis capabilities and integrated business analytics means that SunSystems delivers powerful reporting coupled with real-time alerts in order to highlight areas that need immediate action, anywhere within the business.SunSystemsĄŻ integrated business analytics provide visual representation of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and web-based delivery of management information. This provides a consistent and timely view of business performance to your stakeholders, which can also address the challenge of corporate accountability.
    The Hylanc Purchasing Logistics System (abbreviated as Hypls), integrating advanced information technology and management, specilized for Chinese petroleum oversea projects, provides material solutions on purchasing, management, analyzing. The Hypls combines mature C/S technology with popular B/S technology, building powerful and effective operating mechanism for users, to guarantee the system with a high degree of information security and information accurate tracking. The HyplsĄŻs network information analyzing system can help users to access business information fast though the Internet, get accurate, timely information in various and complicated business activities, and respond immediately from changes of market and make adjustments in order to keep enterprisesĄŻ competitive advantage.
    Hylanc logistic system is a is a universal inventory management software, involved with goods basic data management, goods in /out management, stored goods allocation, out stored goods allocation, input management and output management. The system provides completed data reports, and the reports can be transformed free to other formats such as WORD, PDF and EXCEL. It has intuitive interface, simple operation. Enable to query the processes of goods in warehouse in real time, which makes managing in time to be much more reassuring.
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