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    Hylanc Technology Sector has been devoting itself to providing highly successful business-specific technical solutions for Petroleum and Manufacture Corporations all over the world.
    Hylanc Training Centre belongs Hylanc Technology Co., Ltd, it is a highly successful training section specializing for Energy Corporations all over the world.

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The 21st Century Business e-campus

E-campus e-commerce China in the 21st Century (, as the Ministry of Information Industry and the promotion of information authorized only an e-commerce providers. In addition, the Ministry of Personnel, China items coding centre, Automatic Identification Technology Association and the Northern Jiaotong University, the Institute of Logistics Science commissioned the creation of a series of e-commerce courses, logistics management series courses, modern and application of automatic identification technology, bar code technology and Application courses. INTERNET network participants through courses, and after passing the examination results would be given to the corresponding certificate.

Logistics Management training certificate

Northern Jiaotong University, logistics Science Institute, founded in 1986, is devoted to domestic logistics authoritative scientific research and teaching institutions. In order to meet the logistics community knowledge of the urgent needs of the systematic study with the practical application of e-commerce, distance education through the Internet means, and China in the 21st Century opened the first e-commerce e-campus cooperation "Logistics Management" network of professional courses, joint logistics professional training talents.


E-commerce through e-campus China in the 21st Century "Logistics Management" network learning courses, presented Northern Jiaotong University, Logistics Management Institute of Science logistics training certificates, as in the logistics related to the work of the certificate, complete series of courses (three or more) learners awarded "Logistics Management advanced training certificate."

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