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       SunSystems Vision


SunSystems is a flexible, financial and business management software solution used by a quarter of the Fortune 500 and 75 of the FTSE100. During the past 20 years, the SunSystems solution has been implemented in over 18,000 sites, in more than 190 countries, with the tools to manage operations - locally, globally and in 30 language variants.

Business software that enables your vision

    Your organization is unique and so are the challenges that it faces, which is why SunSystems continues to be the right choice for businesses all over the world. Our open solutions provide the flexibility and scalability that are required in today's ever-changing economic climate, ensuring that your ownership costs and business risks are kept low.

The SunSystems Difference

Global Reach and Delivery Low Risk Low Total Cost Of Ownership
Local knowledge, global support
-21 SunSystems offices
-200 channel partners
Rapid implementation Rapid implementation
Match business requirements with infrastructure

Standard implementation methodology for consistent rollouts

Represented in 76 countries Single product set Product flexibility and functionality
Customers in over 190 countries

Scalable product

Integration future proofing
Solutions in 30 languages Ease of implementation and use
  Local installation and support  

Powerful financial management

    At the heart of the SunSystems solution is a single, integrated ledger that combines the functionality of general ledger, sales and purchase ledger, project ledger, cashbook and user-defined ledgers. This provides a powerful, real-time financial transaction processing engine that lets you see the immediate impact of any financial posting, giving you greater visibility into your business.

Financials Overview

    Financial accounting is at the heart of almost every organizational decision. The measure of success and failure in the business world is based upon data that is collected, measured, and analyzed from the finance and accounting process. SunSystems understands this and our financial modules are specifically designed to provide you with immediate access to all your information, so that decisions can be made when they should be, enabling true financial management.

    The Accounting module delivers Ledger Accounting and Budget & Commitment Control, while additional options for Corporate Allocations and Asset Register enhance the breadth of the financial management offering. In addition, budgeting is brought under control with Budget Management.

    The following features are integral to the financial modules of SunSystems:


  • Single integrated ledger, combining attributes and functionality of nominal, sales and purchase ledgers, cash book and analytical/project ledger
  • Facility for transaction entry to the ledger
  • Open periods to match posting and reporting requirements of the organization
  • Support for multiple budgets
  • Dual base-currency, providing full euro and GAAP support?
  • Online archive for completed transactions?
  • Sophisticated and flexible ledger inquiry function
  • Automated payment terms functionality to calculate due dates, etc.
  • Tax reporting, with up to 100 criteria available for selection
  • Standard text for attachment to transaction types and data records
  • Multi-currency asset register
  • Flexible depreciation - up to 10 methods available per asset
  • Asset notes system for tracking histories and life cycles
  • Powerful reporting for increased control of fixed assets

    Corporate Allocations

  • Support for apportioned and fixed percentage allocations, fixed amounts and iterative charging
  • Full support for inter-company processing
  • High degree of flexibility to define allocation structures for each organization
  • Posting options with tight controls to enable finacial management across the corporation?
  • Comprehensive audit trail to trace all allocations in full

    Budget Management

  • Enables the central collation and control of budget spreadsheets used in financial accounting?
  • Manages all aspects of enterprise-wide budgeting, forecasting and planning
  • Capitalizes on the power and familiarity of standard Microsoft Excel so that individuals can build and control their own budgets easily
  • Budget workbooks can be allocated and dispatched to budget holders for completion and return
  • Through developing a budget data warehouse, Budget Management handles the process of automatic consolidations, iterative amendments, status logging and the distribution and resubmission of workbooks using e-mail

Analyzing your business

    The SunSystems solution provides tremendous flexibility in the ways you can analyze financial and business information. ¡°Analysis dimensions¡± are set up to reflect organizational activity such as departments, accounts, products, regions or lines of business. There is no need to prescribe a data relationship in advance, as the analysis dimensions are created and maintained independently of each other, and are linked through transaction processing and validation rules. This means you can add new analysis dimensions or change existing ones as your business changes, providing unrivalled flexibility without implementation complexity.

Managing business performance

    Using SunSystems, you can quickly highlight problems within the operation or low-performing areas of the business, and therefore take positive action to turn things around. The unique combination of flexible analysis capabilities and integrated business analytics means that SunSystems delivers powerful reporting coupled with real-time alerts in order to highlight areas that need immediate action, anywhere within the business.

    SunSystems¡¯ integrated business analytics provide visual representation of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and web-based delivery of management information. This provides a consistent and timely view of business performance to your stakeholders, which can also address the challenge of corporate accountability.

    SunSystems also provides a range of analytic applications and customized solutions that help manage corporate performance, including consolidation, planning, budgeting and forecasting. The analytic applications leverage SunSystems and other applications so that financial and business information is shared and synchronized between them.


    SunSystems operates in all major industries delivering high quality solutions at an affordable cost.

    While SunSystems has broad appeal both internationally and across industries, its functionality combined with the experience of our consultants has resulted in a strong following in a number of market sectors. In particular, we offer solutions to the Hospitality industry, the Financial Services sector, Oil and Gas and the Not-for-Profit sector.

    To understand why and how SunSystems has been successfully implemented in some of these sectors, view the other pages within the Industries menu or simply click on the hyperlinks above.

Other industries we serve include:

Automotive Industrial
Banking Insurance
Chemicals Manufacturing
Communications Media
Consumer Packaged Goods Not For Profit
Energy Oil & Gas
Electronics Pharmaceuticals
Entertainment Professional Services
Financial Services Retail
Government Telecommunications
Healthcare Transportation
High Tech Travel/Leisure
Hospitality Utilities











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