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Vision Alert

Vision Alert is an easy to use, highly flexible means of automating designated reporting tasks, on an Event or time driven basis. Features called Alerts enable Vision Alert to make automated, conditional responses to specified conditions in Vision reports. Vision Alert complements and enhances the capacity of Vision Executive to identify and analyze the opportunities and problems concealed in the financial data of an organization.

Powerful Automated Exception Reporting

Vision Alert allows any number of Tasks to be created that can contain interdependent Processes. If a financial limit is exceeded, for example, an Alert is triggered that automatically generates one or more predetermined responses such as printing a report, distributing the report via e-mail, outputting in either HTML for Web browsing, or to a Microsoft Excel file. When defining Tasks, you can activate a wide range of functions including workbook and drill path extractions in HTML format for Web viewing, running a SunSystems macro and executing operating system commands. Vision Alert schedules Tasks to run automatically at any pre-determined time or frequency without further prompting. These can be changed easily and quickly according to your requirements. Vision Alert Processes can be automatically re-scheduled if certain conditions are not met, for example, if a file is not available for processing.

Report Casting

Vision Alert communicates directly with your applications and pushes information to your desktop. View retained reports in Vision Executive or Excel or automatically output reports in HTML format and access them using Vision Digital Dashboard in Microsoft Outlook. Vision Digital Dashboard, included with Vision Alert, is a customized Microsoft Office 2000-based solution that consolidates personal, team, corporate, and external information with single-click access to analytical and collaborative tools. It allows information from various sources including Vision Executive, Vision XL and Vision Budget Management to be combined in one truly enterprise-wide view.

Local Area Network or Intranet Deployment

Vision Alert can be deployed as either a client-based or server-based solution. This allows you to schedule and execute Tasks using either a Local Area Network (LAN) or a Wide Area Network (WAN). With Vision Alert, Tasks can be created, edited and scheduled. Vision Alert Manager, deployed on either the client or server then executes these Tasks at the scheduled times.

  • Schedule Tasks using a Local Area Network (LAN) or Wide Area Network (WAN).
  • Create multiple Tasks on multiple servers.
  • Vision Alert communicates directly with other applications including SunSystems, Excel and your Vision Digital Dashboard in Microsoft Outlook.
  • Vision Alert Remote can be used independently to create, edit and schedule Tasks.
  • Using the server-based Vision Alert, a Task can be executed without the client machine running.
  • Vision Alert uses Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) to resolve international time differences.
  • Security features include the encryption of data transmitted between client and server to prevent unauthorized access. Distributed Tasks can be password protected.

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