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By providing the capacity to access, analyze and utilize the data held in a SunSystems database, Vision Enterprise enables you to make faster, more effective decisions and to quickly identify trends, problems, and opportunities concealed in the financial information of your business.

Vision Enterprise, through an inherent understanding of SunSystems, enables you to uncover and analyze the trends, problems and opportunities that are often buried in corporate transactional data.

Vision Enterprise is an integrated executive information system that provides direct access to SunSystems from within a familiar desktop environment, facilitating the inquiry and analysis of financial information. It supports proactive and decisive management, enabling executives to access and exhaustively query the financial data required for a wide range of managerial and analytical purposes.

Vision Enterprise is easy to use and allows the interrogation of financial data without expert assistance or technical knowledge. It provides decision-makers with sophisticated analytical performance measurement capabilities, as well as significantly increasing the rate at which information can be processed. It is an invaluable aid to more informed business decision-making and a powerful complement to SunSystems.

Vision Executive enables you to conduct inquiries and perform comprehensive examinations of SunSystems data using analysis tools including Drilldown, Expand, Breakout and Data Matrix. Vision ODBC access and Vision SQL Wizard can also be added to Vision Executive providing access to associated external data. Use eExecutive to deploy Vision Executive from either a client or server using a Local Area Network (LAN) or an Intranet.

Vision Alert enables conditional processing of scheduled Tasks to be performed and pushed to your desktop, these include Vision Executive workbook extractions and the operation of SunSystems macros.

Vision XL provides a dynamic link between SunSystems and Microsoft Excel with the means to include other SunSystems Order Fulfilment or SunSystems Financials information into an Excel worksheet. Alternatively, prepare data in Excel for transfer into a SunSystems database.

Vision Budget Management is an innovative and intelligent budget management tool that uses Microsoft Excel and Vision XL to control the entire budget process from your desktop.

Vision Enterprise is an invaluable aid to more informed business decisions and a powerful complement to SunSystems.

Powerful Analytical Functionality

A comprehensive suite of business intelligence tools, Vision products offer full analysis and reporting capabilities across the SunSystems suite using the powerful functionality of Microsoft Excel and Vision Executive.

Use Vision XL to augment the capabilities of Microsoft Excel and dynamically exchange information between SunSystems databases and Microsoft Excel worksheets. Additionally, use Vision Budget Management to centralize control and streamline the budgeting process by creating or importing budgeting worksheets. Define single instructions to generate multiple reports from the same inquiry definition in Vision Executive employing pull technology. Alternatively, use push technology to automate scheduled, conditional responses using Vision Alert and view the result in your Vision Digital Dashboard.

Multi-Dimensional View of Your Entire Business

Vision Enterprise allows a multi-dimensional view of your entire business. Multiple levels of accounting information can be viewed on screen as your analysis progresses from summary information to ever increasing levels of detail. Thorough interrogations of financial data can be used to help find the real forces driving profit and margin.

Vision Enterprise provides unparalleled precision and control in multi-dimensional transactional analysis. Inquiries are easily defined with built-in guides to locate relevant data, enabling selection at the click of a button.

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