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Vision XL

Vision XL is an intuitive addition to the capabilities of Microsoft Excel and provides fast and adaptable ways to exchange data with SunSystems. The extensive functionality of Excel is enhanced through Vision XL, enabling powerful reporting and presentation.

Vision XL provides a dynamic link by allowing information to be incorporated in Excel from multiple SunSystems tables into a single report. Conversely, data prepared in Excel worksheets can be transferred to SunSystems applications.

With its flexibility and ease of use, Vision allows non-technical and non-accounting staff to effectively analyze SunSystems data, providing enhanced analytical power and assisting the decision-making process.

Accessing SunSystems Financials and Order Fulfilment Data within Excel

Vision XL is an Excel add-in displayed as an item on the menu bar or as a toolbar. You have the option of accessing either SunSystems Financials or SunSystems Order Fulfilment data, depending on your serialization. Purpose-built functions, represented on the Vision XL menu, allow dynamic and flexible access to data from SunSystems to populate your Excel worksheets. Both transaction and reference information can be combined to generate formatted output, which is suitable for use as forms or for inquiry.

Transferring Data to SunSystems from Excel

Transaction and reference data can be easily transferred to SunSystems using the Send Data functions. This allows sales orders, purchase orders, reference files or other transactions to be easily entered and manipulated in Excel and then transferred to SunSystems Order Fulfilment, or accruals, budget, forecast or other journals to be easily entered and manipulated in Excel before being transferred to SunSystems Financials.

Comprehensive Enterprise Reporting and Analysis

Vision XL enables information to be extracted to Excel, and then combined with key data from other corporate or external sources held in Excel. Information held in multiple tables can be contained in the same report. This use of Excel allows for more comprehensive and wider ranging analysis and reporting.

Automate Processes with Macro Builder

Macro Builder enables the user to combine Vision XL functions to automate complementary tasks without intervention. With the click of a button, different types of data can be extracted, processed in Excel and either returned to SunSystems or displayed for viewing and printing.

Powerful Reporting Capabilities

A powerful Report Designer in Vision XL provides flexible reporting formats. Report Designer includes the use of headers, details, subtotals and footer sections to provide professional looking reports. Vision XL also enables the diverse range of report styles, formats and printing options available in Excel to be applied to business data. The data can be extracted and then prepared and printed using Excel.

You can also use search expressions, called Wildcards, in definition forms and dialog boxes. These Wildcard searches provide for pattern matching when aggregating information.

Secure Access and Control

Vision XL supports SunSystems security features to ensure only authorized users can access sensitive data.


  • Vision XL can be used to access either SunSystems Financials or SunSystems Order Fulfilment modules providing comprehensive enterprise reporting.
  • Reference File Link provides a dynamic link to SunSystems reference files.
  • Extract Balances enables sales, purchasing and inventory quantities and values to be dynamically linked to worksheet cells.
  • Extract Transactions allows user defined formatted extraction of SunSystems transactions.
  • Use Data Fill to extract summary details and reference master file information from your SunSystems database into an Excel worksheet.
  • Send Data allows information entered in Excel to be transferred to SunSystems.
  • Macro Builder enables the automation of Vision XL tasks.
  • Use Data Selector to create and display a dynamic lookup on a single or multi-column range of data in Excel or directly from SunSystems.
  • Perform statistical reporting using extract modes.
  • The powerful Report Designer provides for flexible reporting.

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