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Purchase Order

Please note that this module requires the use of the SunBusiness Purchase Invoice Register which is also available independently if full purchase order processing functionality is not required

One of the most effective ways of increasing financial controls within an organisation is to develop a comprehensive database of supplier information to help deliver improved and more informed buying power. As with the rest of SunSystems the purchase management system provides unparalleled analysis, tracking and reporting of supplier relationships whilst at the same time simplifying the purchase administration function.

Comprehensive Commitment Accounting

Cash flow monitoring within SunAccount is optimised through the comprehensive commitment accounting facilities. All goods ordered or received through purchase order processing but not yet invoiced will automatically generate postings to pre-defined commitment ledgers within the accounting system, including any relevant automatic accruals.

Extensive reporting of actuals, commitments and budgeted values with variances by any of the many analysis dimensions, can then be performed in either the accounting or purchasing systems.

On-line Expenditure Checking

Awareness of budgetary levels when processing orders is crucial at every stage in the cycle from entry of the initial order to the final posting of the associated invoice. As well as automatically monitoring budget levels and where appropriate providing warnings regarding over commitment, SunBusiness performs expenditure checks at invoice authorisation and posting. Coupled with a powerful audit trail for each stage, the purchase order processing module delivers complete expenditure control.

Flexible transaction entry

Every purchasing operation is different, demanding that packaged software solutions offer power and flexibility. SunBusiness reduces user input time and decisions by allowing you to control which stages each transaction type needs to go through, from order to invoice. At the same time maximum flexibility regarding information about a transaction is retained with values up to fifteen digits supported as well as unlimited free text on each transaction line .

Purchase Order Processing

Invoice/Order Entry

  • Purchase Invoices, Orders and Debits
  • Real Time Funds/Commitment Checking
  • User Defined Transaction Types with Presets
  • Separate Invoice Matching and Approval Stages

Extensive Reporting

  • Purchase Analysis Report Writer
  • Invoice Register
  • Purchase and Supplier Listing and Status
  • Purchase Commitment Report

Commitment Accounting

  • Commitments Stored in Separate Ledger
  • Purchase Order Values Generate Commitments
  • Approving Matched Invoices Reduces Commitments
  • Full Commitment Reporting with Comparisons to Actuals

Flexible Coding

  • 35 Characters of User Defined Supplier Coding
  • 40 Characters of User Defined Product Coding
  • Unlimited Supplier Accounts
  • Unlimited Products

Amount Calculation

  • Conversion from Purchase Units to Inventory Units
  • Eight User Definable Calculation Stages on each Transaction
  • Based on Supplier, Product or Quantity
  • Manages Currencies, Discounts, Surcharges and Tax
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