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Sales Order

Sales order processing is often the primary point of entry into your organisation for financial information and the accumulation of statistics. To remain competitive companies must make use of software capable of lowering administration costs by increasing sales productivity whilst generating and delivering better sales management information. The SunSystems Sales Order Processing solution is proven to be an efficient and effective vehicle to help streamline sales, distribution and order administration operations to enable organisations to focus on improving customer service.

Please note that this module requires the use of the SunBusiness Sales Invoicing system which is also available independently if full order processing functionality is not required

Custom Transaction Entry

The complexity of orders received by your business can vary enourmously demanding a transaction entry interface capable of not only managing your orders accurately but quickly as well. SunBusiness allows you to define the order input process very precisely using a diverse array of defaults and simple lookups to guarantee accuracy whilst simplifying and speeding up the whole operation. There is no limit to the number of completely different order types that can be defined in this way.

Choice of Items

The SunBusiness order entry function is richly featured to ensure maximum efficiency and flexibility. Stock and non-stock items can be added to the same order or invoice and alternatives are offered if parts are out of stock. More importantly for both your company efficiency and your integrated financial processes, SunBusiness provides real time stock, credit and price checking to deliver improved customer service.


Customer service levels also benefit from the SunBusiness quotations system. As an integrated part of the sales cycle quotations are designed, raised and produced from within the Sales Order Processing system and may be automatically converted to live orders at any time. As well as removing the need for re-keying, this improves response times of the order processing staff delivering direct benefit to your customers. A further benefit derives from more effective management reporting delivered through the timely analysis of those quotations the company failed to convert.

Sales Order Processing

Quotation/Order/Invoice Entry

  • User Defined Transaction Types with Presets
  • Account and Non-Account Customers, Stocked and Non-Stocked Products
  • Customer Credit Checking
  • Quotation, Acknowledgement, Picking, Despatch and Invoice Documents

Extensive Analysis

  • User Defined Analysis Headings
  • Unlimited Number of Analysis Codes with Sub-Divisions
  • Five Codes for each Customer or Supplier
  • Five Codes for each Product and Transaction

Amount Calculation

  • Eight User Definable Calculation Stages on each Transaction
  • Based on Customer, Product or Quantity
  • Manages Currencies, Discounts, Surcharges and Tax
  • Override Available on Order or Invoice Entry

Powerful Reporting

  • Sales Analysis Report Writer
  • Order Status and Analysis Reports
  • Customer Listing
  • Sales Listing

Flexible Coding

  • 35 Characters of User Defined Customer Coding
  • 40 Characters of User Defined Product Coding
  • Unlimited Customer Accounts
  • Unlimited Products
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