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Fixed Asset Register

The pace of current technological change may help today business enterprise, offering improved production processes and increasingly sophisticated machinery, however it also creates fresh demands on the software managing these new assets. Available either as a stand alone module or fully integrated with the rest of SunSystems, the Fixed Asset Register manages all assets regardless of their complexity.

Flexible Depreciation

Depreciation techniques vary enormously depending on the type of company, what sort of assets it has and indeed on the country in which it is based. Ensuring effective control of a companies assets therefore requires software flexible enough to meet a range of diverse requirements with a single solution. SunSystems Asset Register provides up to ten different depreciation methods for each asset, each of which may be rule or table based and applied automatically or manually.

Asset Diary

Tracking the evolution of an asset through its life can be a major headache with enhancements, part disposals and divided locations all needing to be accounted for. SunSystems Asset Register features a unique Asset Diary system allowing clients to track every aspect, both monetary and otherwise, in the acquisition and life cycle of all capital assets.

Powerful Reporting

Most asset management systems are designed to provide the reports required to satisfy legal requirements. However, as a key element of the companies financial management system, these standard reports need to be supplemented by more flexible status and management reports. Through a range of both standard and customisable reports, combined with itslegendary analysis capability, SunSystems meets the most stringent requirements, even combining data from other modules in the system.


With depreciation methods varying from country to country, any organisation wishing to control and consolidate assets to reflect their international structure needs a flexible and fully multi currency asset register. With the addition of the multi currency module, SunSystems can value and depreciate assets separately in local and corporate currencies and as well as local and corporate depreciation methods, with separate book value and asset life.

Fixed Assets

Fully International

  • Two Currencies for Each Asset
  • Dual Currency Asset Value and Life
  • Depreciate Separately for Each Currency
  • Range of International Depreciation Methods

Adaptable Transaction Entry

  • Diary System for Enhancements, Disposals and Part Disposals
  • User Defined Transaction Types
  • On-line Ledger Update
  • Over Sixty Characters of Asset Coding

Flexible Budgeting

  • Up to Ten Budget Ledgers
  • Use for Budgeting or Forecasting and Taxation Values
  • Ledgers Depreciated by Different Methods
  • Flexible Budget Comparisons

Powerful Reporting

  • Asset Register
  • Status, Listing and Journal Reports
  • Full Audit Reports
  • SunAccount Report Writers Available to Combine Ledger Data

Flexible Depreciation

  • Automatic or Manual
  • Multiple Depreciation Methods
  • Table Driven Depreciation
  • Automatic Department Allocation
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