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    Hylanc Technology Sector has been devoting itself to providing highly successful business-specific technical solutions for Petroleum and Manufacture Corporations all over the world.
    Hylanc Training Centre belongs Hylanc Technology Co., Ltd, it is a highly successful training section specializing for Energy Corporations all over the world.

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    The Hylanc Purchasing Logistics System (abbreviated as Hypls), integrating advanced information technology and management, specilized for Chinese petroleum oversea projects, provides material solutions on purchasing, management, analyzing. The Hypls combines mature C/S technology with popular B/S technology, building powerful and effective operating mechanism for users, to guarantee the system with a high degree of information security and information accurate tracking. The HyplsĄŻs network information analyzing system can help users to access business information fast though the Internet, get accurate, timely information in various and complicated business activities, and respond immediately from changes of market and make adjustments in order to keep enterprisesĄŻ competitive advantage.
  System Security Module
        It provides complete security mechanism based on user-role- permission for the system. By giving roles to the system users, administrators can define different permissions and set processing different business operations for every system users.

System Basic Data Maintenance

        It provides supports of basic data for the system, including AFE budgeting management, warehouse code management, region code management, department management, employee management and exchange management.

Material Management


    The Hypls provides unlimited material coding technology, enables users to define the length and the sort of material codes flexibly. Hypls provides convenient and powerful material search function, enables users to get the required material codes conveniently and quickly through searching by material manufacturer codes , material origins, etc..

Supplier Quality Management


    The Hypls can manage suppliers by areas, styles, enables users to analyze the key points of purchasing area fast.


Material Procurement Management

        Procurement management module has 5 function modules including application management, enquiry management, quotation management, evaluation management, order management. Through tracking and managing material items, the Hypls helps corporations to complete a series of procurement business processes including material application, enquiry, evaluation, order, payment, material tracking report, etc.. It helps users to manage and track material states in every processes easily from the beginning of material application to making the orders of material. Enquiry management has a strong and flexible enquiry mechanism, it can split and combine materials in order to make enquiries many times, it also can sent an enquiry to many suppliers, at the end it can create orders to help companies to deal with complicated business rules. Evaluation management provides users to analyze the quotations from suppliers by various analytical perspectives, enables buyers to evaluate suppliers better.

Material Transportation and Customs Liquidation Module

        Material transportation and customs liquidation module has 3 function modules including customs tracking management, customs liquidation and material tracking management. It connects seamlessly with material procurement management module. It can track the quantity and state of ordering material effectively, enables users to control the states of the transporting material in time.

Material Payment Module


    Hypls provides powerful payment management, it can make one time or many times payment for orders, trackings and customs liquidation fees. It enables users to track the history of payments in time.


Web Report

      The Hypls aggregates system datas to set up a data warehouse. It forms integrated reports from datasĄŻ multi-dimensional analyses. It releases the reports on web, enables users without installing any clients to access the integrated reports of system by just logging on Internet.
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