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    Hylanc Technology Sector has been devoting itself to providing highly successful business-specific technical solutions for Petroleum and Manufacture Corporations all over the world.
    Hylanc Training Centre belongs Hylanc Technology Co., Ltd, it is a highly successful training section specializing for Energy Corporations all over the world.

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    Enables corporation customers to achieve warehouse data consistent between in accounts and facts at a lower cost, realizes to unify the information flow and the entity flow in warehouse management.
    Warehouse management is one important part of business management. Traditional warehouse management has to manage material receipt notes and material issue notes and other various involved datas manually, the widespread problems by following:
  • The amount is hard to be consistent between in account and facts in warehouse management.
  • The employees in warehouse management have heavy workload and high work intensity, but they work slowly and inefficient.
  • All data records by hands at a high probability on errors.
  • It is not convenient to query and for statistics because different sorts of warehouse operating datas record in different account books.
  •         Hylanc logistic system is a is a universal inventory management software, involved with goods basic data management, goods in /out management, stored goods allocation, out stored goods allocation, input management and output management. The system provides completed data reports, and the reports can be transformed free to other formats such as WORD, PDF and EXCEL. It has intuitive interface, simple operation. Enable to query the processes of goods in warehouse in real time, which makes managing in time to be much more reassuring.

    System Characteristics

  • The system takes single material or material management as a main management style, in the meantime it supports type management.
  • All data reports can be queried and printed, It is easy to manage as the interface operations are simple.
  • The system is adaptable to different work environments, simple to be installed and operated, and clear on the structure layer of the software function.
  • The business processes are reasonable, and the control of permissions is precise.
  • The details of business processes are designed after they are considered entirely, each function and interface is designed on a lot of experiences.
  • Real-time management can reduce mistakes.
  • The managements in inventory and out report are easy and effective.
  •     Building a information warehouse management can make lots of datas be involved in warehouse management to be exact and sheer. Various datas and statistics can be queried at any time. It will not only ease employees' workload, but also improve work efficiency. Real-time supervision in warehouse can promote the level of enterprise management, decrease unnecessary man-made losses. It will realize integrative business and finance, complete the system of modernization management in enterprise.


    Be Actual On Management Processes


        In warehouse management, warehousing includes purchasing warehousing, adjustment warehousing, input management, etc.; delivery includes sent-material delivery, adjustment ?delivery, return- material warehousing, output management, etc.. Its management is flexible, simple and convenient.

    Detailed Receipt Notes And Issue Notes


        After completing the warehousing operations for various materials, it enables at any time to query receipt/ issue notes, including purchase order, receipt note, material returned sheet, issue note, goods allocation bill, store inventory sheet, etc.. The notes are classified clearly. The function satisfies the needs of actual management, and avoids unnecessary repeated work.


    Real-time Consulting Management In Store

            Thare are many data crystal reports for warehousing, delivery and store inventory. Each operation of functions are corresponding to a relevant crystal report. It enables users to hold all kinds of datas in warehouse in real time, it makes management clearer. In report functions, there also are date filtration, search and file export. Its data management function is vary powerful.

    Setting On Warehouse Area And Material

          The system also has powerful warehouse area management and material management. According to actual of warehouse management, in warehouse area, users can choose allocations for materials in every warehouse. In material management, it records detailed list for all kinds of purchasing materials. Through the system, ití»s very simple to query all kinds of materialsí» states and locations in warehouse area.

    MParticular And Considerate On Defining User Permissions

            The management of user permissions in the system is very particular. It not only sets the permission for warehouse viewing for operators, but also sets permissions for each module, each operation. If users doní»t have relevant permissions, they caní»t view any information in warehouses, or they obly can view but caní»t modify any information in warehouses. The assignment of user permissions is reasonable, the management of users is very convenient too.
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