K/3 ERP Overview:



Intended for the planning and manufacturing management personnel, the Kingdee K/3 ERP Manufacturing implements overall management over BOM (Bill of Material), manufacturing planning, capacity planning and SFC (Shop Floor Control). It enables the enterprise to establish and change BOM, manufacturing planning of multiple solutions, and limited SFC. This system can be used together with the SCM and Finance systems, to form more complete and overall enterprise application solutions.



PDM (Production Data Management)

It helps the process personnel regulate the basic management over manufacturing data. It manages manufacturing master data, such as BOM, product settings, ECN (engineer change notice), routing, and alternative material processing.

Manufacturing Planning

It helps the planning personnel work out the reasonable manufacturing planning, and offers the MPS and MRP that supports multiple manufacturing modes, RCCP and CRP, manufacturing forecast management, planning strategy based on personnel and material, alternative material strategy and other business management functions.

MO (Manufacturing Order)

It helps the manufacturing management personnel effectively manage and control the supply chain and data flow in the manufacturing process, provides management of manufacturing business processes such as MO, material staging/picking, manufacturing inspection/reporting, product stock-in and MO settlement, and offers simulated material issue/picking, receipt quantity control and other business management functions.

SFC (Shop Floor Control)

It helps the manufacturing management personnel implement limited management of the workshop, offers the functions of confirming, dispatching, executing and changing the workshop operation scheduling and manufacturing order, and provides business management on the time/piece wage, configured product, by-product and grade product.

Capacity Planning

It helps the planning personnel efficiently appraise the feasibility of the MPS and MRP from the capacity point of view, and offers RCCP calculation, RCCP query, CRP calculation, CRP query and adjustment.

Equipment Management

It helps the equipment management personnel efficiently maintain and repair the equipment, and offers equipment records, running, failure, maintenance, lubrication and repair functions.
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