K/3 ERP Overview:

Human Resources


Kingdee K/3 ERP HRM is designed and developed based on the strategic HRM philosophy. It is applicable to small, medium and large enterprises in China, and helps them implement basic personnel management, professional HRM, and employee self-service. This system has a WEB application framework; so that it can run separately or seamlessly integrate with other K/3 ERP systems, and provide more integrated and complete application solutions for enterprises.



Personnel Management

It helps the HR personnel implement standard, effective organization personnel management transactions, provides organization framework management, constructs a system of positions and duties, and offers personnel transaction processing (employment, dismissal and rotation), contract management and alarm.

Salary Management

It helps the HR personnel implement effective, complete salary management and control, and provides business management functions like salary determination and adjustment based on a standard salary system. In addition, it supports salary accounting management in several modes, and offers salary distribution (including personal tax declaration and bank agent) and benefit.

Attendance Management

It helps the HR personnel implement accurate attendance management and shift business, and provides attendance shift, attendance calculation, holiday management and overtime management applicable for various enterprises, and offers accurate attendance data for salary accounting.

Performance Management

It helps the HR personnel implement strategic objectives in an apportioned way and establish a performance-salary associated incentive system. It provides several performance appraisal modes based on balanced score card, KPI and 360 degree, and supports qualitative objectives appraisal and quantitative objectives appraisal. In addition, it offers department performance appraisal and personal performance appraisal, and supports performance process management.

Training Management

It helps the HR personnel implement standard training management, and provides business management functions like training demand collection, training plan formulation, training activity management, training record management and training summary.

Recruitment Management

It helps the HR personnel regulate recruitment management, and provides a full range of recruitment business process management including HR planning, recruitment demand collection, department recruitment application, position vacancy management, recruitment plan formulation, recruitment activity arrangement (internal recruitment supported), resume selection, interview process management, employment management and recruitment summary.

Working Platform

It helps the CEO acquire decision-making information, helps the line manager participate in HR business, and helps the employees in HR service. It provides multi-role application service platforms such as CEO platform, manager platform and my platform.

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